Posted by: amandaleigh1231 | October 11, 2013

One Year…

It is hard to believe that this week marks our first year on our little piece of suburban paradise.  I had every intention of making frequent posts, but sadly, I let the business of daily living get in the way.  Over the course of this past year, we made some huge accomplishment:

  • Full kitchen renovation.  I love my kitchen so much, sometimes I wish that I could give it a huge hug.
  • Partial Bath Renovation.  The husband uses this bathroom.  He’s happy with it, and since it means that he doesn’t dirty my bathroom, I guess that I am happy with it too.
  • New flooring.  Leveled and laid new hardwood in our family room.  Its beautiful and makes the room a warm welcoming place to relax.
  • Painted every room in the house (well all except one).  Added some color to replace the white walls.  A simple change, but after years of living in apartments, the act of painting a wall really brings it home that this is mine.
  • First garden.  I had some successes (yellow squash and Swiss chard) and some failures (green beans).  I am looking forward to expanding the garden next year.
  • Our dog.  We rescued a beautiful Norwegian Elkhound named Fable.  She is a pain in the butt, but a great companion.
  • Nick started a business.  He is promoting and recruiting for a company that sells environmentally friendly cleaning products and safe, high quality vitamins and health and beauty supplies.  It is growing slowly, but I know he will be a success. 

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