About Money Saving Meals

What are money saving meals?  I am sure that the phrase “money saving meals” means something different to each person who reads it.  For some it may mean making ends meet.  For others it may mean finding a way to enjoy that great wine or night out.  For me, it means eating  great tasting  food on the monthly budget that I have set for food purchases.  Whenever possible, I create meals that focus on local, seasonal items.  Here are the guidelines that I follow:

  • All items, including pantry staples, are purchased using my monthly $300 food allowance.
  • Meals include breakfast and dinner for the two of us daily as well as daily lunches for my husband.
  • All foods must be “real” – no pre-made frozen dinners, mixes, ect.
  • All meals must taste great!
  • All meals must meet our dietary needs (heart healthy and low sugar for my husband; nutrient dense for me)
  • Little or no waste!

You might be thinking, “Wow! $300 is a lot for two people” or “I can’t feed myself on $300!”  The majority of the time, especially in the summer when produce is less expensive, we spend a good bit less than that amount, and the remaining funds are banked for special treats or very large purchases.  Regardless of which end of the spectrum you are on, the stories and tips shared here will help you maximize the quality of your food by stretching your food dollar.


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